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Imaging Software Solutions for a Global Medical Device Industry

Galgo Medical SL  is a  medical imaging software  development company. We offer the medical technology industry fast and low-cost pathways for the creation of innovative and advanced solutions. We also provide an effective means of bringing these solutions to a growing global market. We achieve this by means of an in-house software development platform for the rapid prototyping of medical imaging applications. Galgo Medical is based in Barcelona, Spain.

The Galgo Medical team has acquired expertise on medical image segmentation and quantification, 3D visualization, statistical shape models, and interventional planning and guidance by working closely with clinicians and the medical industry. 

The technical expertise of the Galgo Medical team has already been applied to several  medical disciplines, including: 

  • Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Vascular interventional radiology planning
  • Interventional cardiology for arrhythmia treatment
  • Image-guided neurosurgical planning and navigation

Galgo Medical provides services to help medical companies develop a sophistication in image processing software as a means to complement their devices and equipment.

We help  address industry challenges  by:

  • Development of complex algorithms for geometric intensive and image processing areas
  • Acceleration of the image reconstruction
  • Automation of image segmentation processes
  • Simulation of complex treatments and surgeries
  • Development of custom treatment appliances
  • Interoperability between multiple hardware software systems
  • Collaboration between geographically dispersed medical professionals and patients

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